Info about Caparska Trail 10K

10K is a recreational race that is designed for everybody, where the main purpose is friendship, a lot of fun, as well as promotion of running among the youngest population and a healthy lifestyle.

With starting point from Info Centar of National Park, the trail continues to place Caparska where it starts to descend to Golema Livada. The trail after that continues to the heart of the National Park Pelister, the deep Molika pine forest where from Gorna Livada checkpoint and through a place called Palisnopje, the last part of the trail will take you to the finish line at the Info Centar of the National Park.




10.1 km


D+ 420m / D- 420m


2:30 hours




Early bird: 11 EUR, 30 Apr.
Regular: 16 EUR, 30 July


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (01.01.2023 – 30.04.2023)

REGULAR PRICES (01.05.2023 – 30.07.2023)


  • Group registrations / Running clubs (minimum number of participants is 5) per EARLY BIRD race fees.
  • FREE = 2022 edition general classification podium holders of each race distance.

If a participant is unable to participate and wishes to cancel their registration, they must notify the organizers by email at

  • Cancellation until 25.06.2023: 80% refund.
    – Cancellation until 30.07.2023: 50% refund.
  • Refund after 31.07.2023 is not possible, regardless of the reason why the runner cannot participate in the competition. In this case, the runner will also waive the starting package and all other event benefits.
  • Changing race distance – if you are registered and had paid the fee and then decide to change race distances, you must send a request by email to by 30.07.2023.
  • Passing bib number to another runner – if you are prevented from participating, you have the option to transfer your entry, if you know a person who wants to take over your spot, send us a request by email to by 30.07.2023, at latest.
  • Please be aware that a race bib is personal. It is the participant’s responsibility to enter correct personal information. The unauthorised use of a bib number may lead to disqualification.
  • Race bib number and route markings
  • Dri fit shirt
  • Medical and rescue assistance, refreshments and food along the race routes
  • Race branded gift
  • Finishers medal
  • N.P. Pelister entry fee
  • Free race photos

Mandatory gear is meant for your own safety – don’t underestimate the Power of Nature! In case of bad weather conditions, the event organizer has the right to ask for additional mandatory gear, which will be announced a day before race start.

For full list of mandatory equipment you can find on this link: MANDATORY EQUIPMENT

  • Each runner must be recorded at all checkpoints. Penalty for missing a checkpoint is either disqualification or time penalty or by race director’s discretion. Using shortcuts, not following the marked path, coming to a check point or station from the wrong direction results in at least time penalty for each irregularity.
  • Each runner must have and must show the mandatory equipment when asked to do so. Penalty for incomplete mandatory gear is 30 minutes for every missing item. If you do not show the equipment, you are disqualified.
  • Running with another runner’s bib number – disqualification.
  • Disposal of trash on the trail or next to it, disturbing wildlife – disqualification.
  • Using transport during the race – disqualification.
  • Insulting the organizer or volunteers – disqualification.
  • Failing to help a fellow runner in distress – disqualification.
  • Proceeding after the time limit – disqualification.
  • Disqualification or penalty can be immediate or upon detection of the irregularity.