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Pelister Ultra-Trail®

26 June 2021


About Pelister Ultra-Trail®

Pelister Ultra-Trail® is an international event organized by the Association for Promotion of Sports, Sports Tourism and Healthy Lifestyle BOF (Bitola Outdoor Festival) Bitola which is held in the oldest National Park in N.Macedonia, Pelister National Park. The event takes place on June 26, 2021. This edition of Pelister Ultra-Trail® will have two ULTRA-TRAIL® races, where the races are organized according to ITRA (International Trail Running Association) rules and regulations for this type of racing, where also each of races appropriately bring a certain number of points for UTMB®.

Big Lake

With starting point from Nizopole Ski Centar, the trail continues to place Debel Rid were starts and ascending of Debel Rid until you get to the unique Big Lake. After this point, you continue to the place Orlovi Bari where the trail is descending by the Sapuncica river until getting to the finish line at Ski Center of Nizopole.


1170 D+



Molika Trail

Starting from the Nizopole Ski Center and descending to the village of Nizopole, the trail continues to take you to the heart of the National Park. Crossing the other side of the mountain, the trail passes through the deep Molikova forest to the very top of Baba Mountain at 2601 meters, from where you continue to the well-known Big Lake. This year the descent is along the river Sapunchina through the place called Orlovi Bari to the finish line in the ski center Nizopole.


2820 D+





In the oldest National Park in the Balkans, NP Pelister, with its splendor, beauty, unique Molika, well-marked trails and its history offers ideal conditions for mountain running.



The two races organized within the Pelister Ultra Trail® are organized according to the ITRA rules and principles, with appropriate points as well as UTMB® qualifying points

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